I was asked to Skype in with a friend’s undergraduate class to talk about my journey. As I was thinking about how I got here, I thought about this long and winding road and how my trajectory has changed over the years and what the potential through-line to this particular life might be…and oh how interesting it’s been so far.

I told these students of starting off with 2 degrees in theater and then teaching as adjunct faculty for a couple of years. Then a pivot and a dance step led me to massage therapy school and to a successful clinical massage therapy practice. Next, came the latest pirouette which led me to a doctoral degree in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. Three very different careers, yet, they have all complemented each other and I have used each career to build upon itself.

I also told these students of the importance of volunteering and how this type of service has moved and changed my career path as I have danced along the brick road of this life. My volunteering has brought me friends who are like family, professional development, and experiences that I would not have gotten had I not offered my time and talent. Giving of yourself to a group which you are passionate about supporting can open doors and give you networking opportunities that can help you along your future career path.

Therefore my message to these students was: 1) Don’t be afraid to change your career path. Find something you love to do and makes you happy, and when it doesn’t make you happy anymore, find something new. 2) Volunteer, you never know where it might lead you. 3) Make sure your life is full of fun, joy, and dancing that’s what makes it worth it!


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